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Out With the Toxins in With the Thieves

Okay. Essential oils are amazing and all, but what really got me with all this talk of natural stuff is the Thieves essential oil. Like I could literally make post after post about it. It has the best fall season scent with a blend of oils like Lemon, Clove, and Cinnamon. And the best thing? This oil alone can replace virtually everything in your bathroom at a much lower cost, and it smells quite a bit better too!

Some people have a hard time believing that Thieves really can replace something so versatile as bleach. Bleach gets the job done. And who cares if it kills you in the process, as long as the kitchen counter is clean right? Well you can throw that poison away and start enjoying the smell of your cleaning products instead of burning your nostrils.

The only cleaner I use now for things like glass, kitchen counters, the shower, and the floors is Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner. And it’s so cheap! A 14.4 oz bottle of the household cleaner is $22, which sounds expensive, but think about it — an average spray bottle of Clorox Bleach runs about $5, while one capful of Thieves Household cleaner makes an entire 28 oz spray bottle, making each bottle approximately $0.75. I’d say that’s a pretty good trade-off.

And that is only one of the Thieves products Young Living makes. Others include soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, dishwasher powder, mints, cough drops, laundry soap,  and hand purifier. Now I haven’t tried all of these, but all of the Thieves products I have tried (below) I absolutely love!

For those of you still not convinced, here’s a little history on the mighty power of Thieves: A group of 15th-century thieves had rubbed some of this blend of oils on themselves in an effort to guard themselves against the plague while robbing the infected who lied in their graves. When these thieves were caught, their captors offered them lenient punishment in exchange for the formula of herbs and spices they used since they showed no signs of contracting the plague. Numerous studies have been conducted throughout the years on this formula regarding immunal support and protection, and we now call this blend Thieves.

The truth is you can sit there and read about Thieves and its benefits all day long, but you’ll still be doubtful. If you don’t want to change anything else chemically in your home, go for the cleaning supplies. It will make such a big difference!

If this all sounds like I’m trying to sell you this great product, well I am. I have never dealt with a more honest and generous company as Young Living, and they make it so much fun to replace chemicals in your house with safe and delicious alternatives. I want to make sure you know how many chemicals are sitting in your house right now: under your sink, in your shower, in your cosmetics bag, in your food…did you know that burning a candle has the same chemical effect on your body as smoking a cigarette? I didn’t either.

Chemicals are serious, yet they are somehow becoming a more casual and common thing in our every day lives. If you want to join me in kicking those cancer-causing chemicals out of your house, just go to bit.ly/abigailgray and customize your first order! They even offer an entire Thieves starter kit, which includes the Thieves essential oil, household cleaner, foaming hand soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, hand purifier, spray, and Stress Away.

And if you’re still not ready for that big of a change coming in to your home, I would be happy to help you figure out smaller, more manageable steps for you to take so you can live your best life. Message me at thelemonlife@aol.com!