Tasty Trouble

Chinese food has got to be some of the best comfort food there is. And if you get it from the right restaurants it can be pretty tasty. Maybe I’m a little weird but there’s nothing like sitting down to a plate of Chinese takeout after an all-day drive. I even had it for dinner… Read More Tasty Trouble

EOs and YL Products

Tummy Time

This is one oil in my starter kit that went untouched for weeks. It smells kind of weird and I didn’t know how to use it, so I didn’t. But once I heard about a way someone else liked to apply it, I decided I would take a crack at it and see if it… Read More Tummy Time

A God Thing

It’s a Slow Fade

I’m just gonna be real for a couple minutes if that’s okay. It’s hard to be a Christian. The hardest part for me isn’t even having faith through trials or not stressing about my future, but rather being consistent in how much time and quality I give the Lord every day. Since I got saved… Read More It’s a Slow Fade


A Spoonful of Sugar

Life can be overwhelming. Work, meetings, and even church and family time can seem monotonous when it consumes your time every day. So some days, we just need those spoonfuls of sugar to help that medicine of daily life go down. Here’s a few sweet and goofy moments God has given me: A New York City… Read More A Spoonful of Sugar