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Raise Your Glass to Vitality

One line of oils from Young Living that I absolutely love and literally use every day is their dietary essential oils, which they call Vitality oils. The great thing about these oils is that they are ingestible, which means it is perfectly safe for you to put them in your water, in your food, or even in a capsule. One of my favorite ways to use them so far is in my water. Quick tip: If you want to use the citrus oils in your water, make sure you use a glass cup or bottle, as some of the concentrated natural elements in these citrus fruits will extract some of that nasty stuff from plastic (even hard plastic and BPA free plastic) and you definitely don’t want to drink that.

While I haven’t tried all of the Vitality oils yet, I do often put one to two drops of Grapefruit Vitality, Lemon Vitality, or Lime Vitality in my 20 oz water bottle and refill it multiple times throughout the day. I’ve even used a single drop of Lime Vitality in my homemade guacamole, and it tastes even better than when I use real lime juice. They don’t just taste amazing, but each of these oils can also support different functions of the body.

Grapefruit Vitality, which tastes and smells exactly like grapefruit, can also support weight management if paired with a healthy diet and exercise. It is even a key ingredient in Young Living’s products that specifically target weight management. There are so many people looking for the newest and fastest method that to help them shed those extra pounds as fast as possible, but unfortunately those methods usually turn out to be unsafe and unhealthy. I use this oil so much because I don’t even have to question its origin or if there are hidden chemicals that I’m consuming. The only ingredient in the entire bottle is grapefruit.

Vitality oils can also be used as dietary supplements, such as Thieves Vitality, DiGize Vitality, and Oregano Vitality, to name a few. All of these, in one form or another, may help support healthy immune function and contribute to overall wellness. Thieves Vitality (which I’ll be posting more about later since there are so many ways it can be used, from cough drops to household cleaners) particularly is one oil that I find myself grabbing quite often, especially when I start hearing all those sniffles in the fall and spring.

One of the most appealing things about the Vitality oils is how generally inexpensive they are. As with all other essential oils Young Living bottles, there is immense value in each and every drop, which makes some oils and blends more expensive than others since the plant or flower may not be as common or easy to harvest. But with these citrus Vitality oils especially, there is no need to break the bank to feel good about what you’re putting into your body.

If you’re curious about what these dietary oils taste or even smell like and would like to try some out for free, I would love to send you some! Just send your name and address to thelemonlife@aol.com and include any specific Vitality oil you would like to try.



DISCLAIMER: Young Living does not claim to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any disease.