Lemons. We see this fruit all over the place; in grocery stores, plastic bottles, on trees, and in our own homes. For most the lemon is sour and unappetizing to eat, while others love the zest and tangy citrus flavor. But why talk about lemons?

For one, lemons can be distilled to produce pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, which can be used in multiple ways. Once the lemon tree begins to blossom it takes about four to twelve months for the lemons to grow, then the lemons can be picked at just the right time and distilled in just the right way at just the right temperature to produce a perfect little bottle of Lemon Essential Oil. This oil alone can be taken as a dietary supplement which may support a healthy immune system, it can be used to season food such as seafood, vegetables, and desserts, and a few drops in the diffuser can produce a refreshing and invigorating aroma.

Probably the most popular use of a lemon is in cooking. While a professional chef can tell you dozens more ways to use a lemon in the kitchen here are a few examples:  many recipes call for lemon zest, which is just the rind grated into small, almost undetectable shavings. Lemon juice can also extend the life of fruits such as apples, avocados, etc. Other, more inventive ways to use lemon while cooking include using it in place of vinegar for salad dressings, making rice fluffier, and tenderizing meat.

We often hear the saying, “When life gives you lemons…” What lemons? What does that even mean? What do you do with those lemons? Well, I’m sure we all know that the lemon in this case refers to the “sour” moments in life when we find ourselves struggling in different ways, finding it difficult to overcome certain circumstances we can’t control. To finish the saying, you make lemonade. And to me, making lemonade means taking all of my worries, stress, anxiety, and depression and placing it all on Jesus. And I’ll tell you what. That’s the best glass of lemonade I’ve ever tasted.

Now, I am not inviting you to read a blog about lemons. Surprisingly that’s not what this is all about. What it is all about is a journey on which I will be taking you to explore these three areas:  essential oils, cooking, and daily life. I don’t claim to be a professional or expert on any of these topics – in fact I am just beginning on this journey of wellness myself. So if you’re like me and want to know more about how to incorporate whole, natural ingredients in every part of your life one step at a time, this is where you can do that. Even if you’ve just heard about this natural thing, this is a great place for you to learn more about why so many people are switching to a chemical-free lifestyle. So welcome to When Life Gives You Lemons!